Selling your home in the Spring

General Abha Jain 10 Mar

Selling Your Home in the Spring. Are you looking to sell your home? We have a few tips to help you make the most of the spring season! Hire an Experienced Realtor: Before preparing your home for the Spring market, you will want to hire an experienced realtor! A good realtor will serve as your guide […]

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General Abha Jain 21 Feb

Mortgages and Corporations. If you are a self-employed client who owns your own business, you may have chosen to set that business up as a corporation. This means the business operates as essentially its own person. They have income through business revenue and expenses from marketing costs, materials, office space, etc. When it comes to […]

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Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for you ?

General Abha Jain 23 Jan

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?. A reverse mortgage is a versatile and flexible financial solution for Canadians in their retirement years. Homeowners 55+ are unlocking their home equity for tax-free funds that don’t have to be repaid until they decide to sell their homes. Consider these four reasons Canadians 55+ turn to the […]

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New Year Resolutions For Your Home

General Abha Jain 28 Dec

New Year Resolutions for Your Home. Your finances aren’t the only thing that has room for new resolutions in 2023! Consider these great ideas to make your home feel brand new come January: Purge Your Space While most people think about purging when Spring comes around, the end of the year really is no better […]

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General Abha Jain 12 Dec

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Today’s Economy. 2022 has been nothing but bad news financially for most Canadians. Our stock portfolios are worth a lot less, everything we buy costs more, and interest rates are making our mortgages and other loans a lot more expensive. More than ever it is time to tread carefully and […]

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10 “Must Know” Credit Score Facts.

General Abha Jain 28 Nov

10 “Must Know” Credit Score Facts. If you are in the market for a home or a new car, you are probably very familiar with your credit score. Lenders are one of the primary users of credit scores and it can have a huge impact on whether you get approved for a loan and just […]

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8 Sure-Fire Ways to Sink Your Household Budget.

General Abha Jain 30 Oct

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Sink Your Household Budget. Despite the effects of the current onslaught from inflation and ever-increasing prices, the basic concept of budgeting hasn’t changed. Dividing up your money into little piles for the various things you need (and want) doesn’t seem like such a difficult process, so why is a budget so […]

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General Abha Jain 5 Oct

Selling Your Home in Winter. While you might think selling your home in winter is harder, with the right considerations it doesn’t have to be! When selling your home during warmer months, the focus is typically on curb appeal and gardening, as well as having bright colors and patterns to draw out different rooms. While […]

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General Abha Jain 9 Sep

Five Great Financial Options for Canadians in Retirement. If you are an individual aged 55+, it may surprise you that you currently represent 33.09% of the total Canadian population. What may not surprise you, is that Canadians 55+ know what they want in order to live a fulfilling life as they enter retirement. However, they […]

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When Was Your Last Credit Check-Up?.

General Abha Jain 3 Jun

When Was Your Last Credit Check-Up?. A few simple steps to healthy credit… Just like you should have a physical every year to make sure you’re healthy, you should do the same for your credit report and score. Don’t wait until you go to buy something and you are turned down. And don’t worry… chequing […]

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